Six Neighborhoods. One Toolkit.

Considering its natural views and new flavors, it’s no wonder people from all walks of life make themselves at home in Renton. As a result, visitors and residents are venturing out to explore every corner of Renton’s six retail neighborhoods. Use this toolkit to capture the community because they’re bound to find you.

You will find photography, campaign logos, social media graphics and sample messages you can use to share the welcoming hometown spirit palpable in our community. Share your pride, show your character and be part of the experience.  

Questions? Contact Renton’s economic development team:

Graphics, Logos, Social Media Frames

Social media can be confusing — we get it. That’s why you will find graphics, logos and social media frames in the toolkit so you and your business can standout and stay visible.

Show off your community pride on Facebook by selecting Update Profile Picture, click Add Frame and search #AtHomeRenton in the search bar. Everyone will see that you are part of the Seattle area’s best kept secret.


Snapshots of lively locales and tree-lined trails are all around us in Renton. Armed with this toolkit, the pictures worth a thousand words are already at your fingertips.

Writing samples

Break through your writers block by downloading this toolkit. You will learn there are a myriad of ways to answer the question, “Why Renton?” From short social media snippets to email and website examples, copy and paste what works for you.