Photo of Renton police sergeant John Awai
Renton Police Sgt. John Awai models nitrile gloves and N95 mask that all officers carry with them. (Photo by Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

The Renton Police Department is setting an example for the rest of the Region! #RentonProud

In the Seattle Times on Monday, April 13, the lens was turned on the Renton Police department and Sgt. John Awai to illustrate the exemplary service of our dedicated first responders.  The story described how departments in King County are dealing with COVID-19, examining how the sergeant and his colleagues are using social distancing to patrol Renton. The Sgt explained how they’re adjusting to the use of nitrile gloves, plastic safety-type glasses and N95 masks.

One of Sgt. Awai’s comments in the story is representative of the dedication of the entire department. When he was asked if there was any hesitation in going into work during this crisis, he replied, “My first thought is to be there for my guys.” We owe all our first responders a tremendous thank you for their dedication and selflessness. You and I can help them tremendously by going out only when necessary and when we go, practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Read the whole Seattle Times story here.