We are thrilled to introduce Tommy Segundo, the visionary artist chosen to partner with the City of Renton in creating an innovative arts incubation space at the City Center Parking Garage in downtown Renton. Tommy’s proposal reflects his rich experience, passion for art, and commitment to building a vibrant artistic community.

Experience and Expertise: With over 15 years in education and four years as a full-time artist, Tommy brings a unique blend of skills to the table. His background in planning programs, workshops, and curriculums, combined with his successful art and screen printing business, positions him perfectly to operate a versatile space. This multifunctional area will include an art gallery, a gift shop, and a dynamic community space.

A Vision for Visibility: Tommy’s vision is rooted in shining a light on the often-overlooked indigenous communities in the USA, especially in Renton. He aims to bring traditional Pacific Northwest art to the forefront in a contemporary manner, creating a safe and welcoming space that highlights the diverse Coast Salish and indigenous cultures within the city. Tommy’s tribal affiliations (if provided) and his extensive work with local native/indigenous communities around Washington state further demonstrate his deep commitment to preserving and celebrating indigenous heritage.

Mission with Meaning: Tommy, an enrolled member of the Haida and Coast Salish (Katzie) tribes, is deeply committed to honoring the vibrant heritage of Pacific Northwest Native cultures through his business, CreNative Designz. His passion for preserving the essence of these cultures shines through in every design he brings to life. With a strong understanding of his Enrolled Haida and Coast Salish (Katzie) affiliations, Tommy crafts each design to carry authentic and profound meanings, forming a bridge between generations and nurturing cultural pride.

Employing a fusion of traditional Pacific Northwest Form Line art and contemporary aesthetics, Tommy manages to encapsulate a fragment of his cultural identity, offering it for universal appreciation. Beyond this, his work has extended to collaborating with local Native and Indigenous communities in Washington, embodying the spirit of “Mission with Meaning.” Through his efforts, Tommy not only fosters artistic expression but also cultivates connections that fortify the cultural fabric of his community.

Community Engagement: Tommy’s deep ties to Renton are evident in his community involvement. With roots in the local schools, Renton High School, and various youth sports leagues, he has been a part of the city’s fabric for years. His public artwork is gaining recognition, including an electrical box wrap on Rainier Ave. Tommy is excited to enhance Renton’s public spaces with his art for everyone to enjoy.

Upcoming Opportunity: We invite you to witness Tommy’s creativity firsthand as he prepares to open the Renton Arts Incubation Space. Stay tuned for an upcoming event where you can explore the space, interact with Tommy, and gain insights into his artistic journey. It’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and be a part of the thriving arts scene in Renton.

Tommy Segundo’s dedication to preserving tradition, fostering creativity, and building community makes him an invaluable asset to Renton’s artistic landscape. We can’t wait to see his vision come to life and invite you to join us on this artistic journey.

For updates and announcements, keep an eye out for our upcoming event details. Your presence and support will mean the world to us as we celebrate the merging of art and community in downtown Renton.