TOPGOLF, a fast-growing, high-tech sports entertainment company, is coming to Renton.

The company already has dozens of locations across the country and in the United Kingdom, but this will be their first full service location in Washington. They are planning to build a three-story building on a vacant 14-acre parcel near Boeing’s 737 plant and The Landing.

The complex will include an outdoor driving range outfield, onsite surface parking and a large outdoor plaza. A second phase of development will consist of a to-be-determined mixed-use component on a little over two and-a-half acres of the property.

Topgolf is just the latest development that further confirms Renton’s standing as one of the fastest growing cities in the state. There have been thousands of new jobs  created as the healthcare industry is growing faster here than in any other community. We’re the home to the Hyatt on Lake Washington, one of the finest hotels in the region with two additional hotels just blocks away, and soon Southport will open a 650,000 square foot Class A office campus. We’re also seeing the investment of hundreds of millions of public and private dollars into the revitalization of the downtown and Sunset Neighborhood.

Read more here from the Mayor’s newsletter published on June 20, 2019.