Natural Beauty and Progressive Business in the Heart of the Puget Sound

Renton Washington is the center of opportunity where families and businesses thrive. With over 2,000 software companies within a 30-mile radius, over 2,800 acres of parks and playgrounds, and a school district that boasts four Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence (deemed by the U.S. Department of Education), Renton continues to position itself as a stand out city in both King County and the state of Washington. There is palpable growth in the region, and the business and community environments are strong.


Renton is connected to a vast regional and international transportation network built to support air, sea, road, and rail systems. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which serves 28 million people each year and generates nearly 172,000 jobs, is six miles from Renton. The city also maintains its own 170-acre municipal airport where every Boeing 737 takes its maiden flight. It’s the Renton Municipal Airport that has really allowed the city to thrive as an aerospace and aviation hub. Three of Boeing’s six main business divisions are headquartered in Renton, and 14 other aerospace-related manufacturing, supply, and service companies call Renton home. The aviation industry is one of the most important contributors to the Pacific Northwest economy.


Renton’s affordability makes the city an attractive place to call home. Compared to its neighbors (Seattle, Issaquah, Redmond, and Bellevue), Renton has the lowest median home price. From a business perspective, Renton’s land costs and lease rates are among the best in King County, and with low local business and occupation tax, businesses keep more of their earnings.


The Renton School District is one of only 35 in the state to have received the “What Parents Want” Award. The District continuously garners strong support from the community and has seen school levies get approval year after year for more than two decades. Renton Technical College, the area’s exceptional community college, is the higher educational institution of choice where more than 85% of students are immediately employed after graduation.


Here in the heart of Washington’s flourishing Puget Sound region, the possibilities are endless. Renton is within arms distance of a variety of industries and markets from athletics to aerospace. Renton is a remarkable place to plant down and watch your business grow.


Beyond opportunities for business, Renton is the ideal place to live. The UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center with more than 400 physicians in 37 specialties, the state’s only IKEA, an impressive collection of public art, and a $300 million village style shopping center called The Landing are a few of the lifestyle amenities afforded to those who call Renton home.