75 Years of Aviation Innovation & Excellence

Boeing is the face of aerospace success and innovation in Renton. The company has a 75-year history in the region selling commercial airplanes, including the best-selling airplane of all time, the 737 which has been produced for over 50 years.  The 737 MAX, built with bigger, better engines and improved fuel efficiency, is the next legacy in Boeing aircraft. The Renton aerospace cluster is healthy and growing.

Today, approximately a quarter of the world’s fleet of commercial jetliners are produced in Renton where 12,000 employees construct an average of 47 airplanes every month. By 2019, that number will increase to 57. Boeing’s factories in Renton are the benchmark for American production.


  • Northwest Mountain Region Federal Aviation Administration Regional Office and Aeronautical Center
  • AIM Aerospace Inc.
  • Renton Coil Spring Company
  • Harper Engineering Company
  • Aero Plastics
  • Northwest Seaplanes Inc.
  • Pro-Flight Aviation Inc.
  • Ace Aviation Inc.
  • J & R Metalcraft Inc.
  • Worldwind Helicopters Inc.
  • Panasonic Avionics
  • Boeing Employees Flying Association
  • Air O Inc.
  • Ellison Fluid Systems Inc.
  • AcuWings

Check out what is going on right now at the Renton Municipal Airport through the airport’s live webcam!

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