A Formidable Local & Regional Workforce

The Renton workforce is a healthy and growing entity. With a neighborhood technical college, the city’s labor pool is rich with qualified and skilled workers. Renton is also fortunate to draw talent from the University of Washington (UW), a premier public research university in the U.S. located only 15 miles from Renton.

Renton Technical College

Highly qualified and skilled workers come from the various educational institutions in the area like Renton Technical College (RTC), named one of the “Top 10 Community Colleges in the Country” by The Aspen Institute. RTC has been at the forefront of student success and innovation for more than 75 years, offering over 50 associate degree programs, a vast number of certificate options, and one bachelor’s degree program. RTC has one of the highest completion and job placement rates in the country.

Boeing is an Integral Piece of Renton’s Workforce

Boeing is the largest private employer in Renton, and ensures it meets the needs of the local community through education and training. Boeing has provided grants to help support people enrolled in job training programs, as well as multiple grants to universities in Washington. The company also helped contribute to the more than 250,000 jobs that are supported by the aerospace cluster in Renton. Read more about the ways Boeing supports Renton’s workforce and educational establishments here.


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