Congratulations to Boon Boona Coffee for their new official signage!

Working with National Sign Corporation, the new coffee roastery and cafe has recently installed official signage that spans across S Third St. and Williams Avenue S. This is a new look for Boon Boona Coffee, who made a first appearance in Downtown Renton in January of 2019.


Boon Boona Coffee hosts a multitude of community events and cultural coffee ceremonies that are open to the public.

According to their website, “The greatest attraction in our cafe is the coffee ceremony, an essential social occasion for many tribes in East Africa; The coffee ceremony experience consists of pan roasting green coffee, grind, then brew in the traditional clay pots known as Jebena (Eritrean/Ethiopian). The experience is fun, educational, and delicious.”

The local coffee spot is welcome to hosting pop-ups, musicians, artists, and poets and the business is growing into an active part in the Downtown Renton community. They are located at 724 S 3rd Street, Ste. C,  and open from 7 am to 9 pm daily.

Learn more about what Boon Boona Coffee is all about at their facebook page: