Is commuter stress killing your employees’ productivity?

Studies show that average commute times vary widely between states, and even industries. What most of them agree on, however, is that commuter times are steadily increasing across the country.

Left unaddressed, that stressful commute may manifest itself as side effects such as absenteeism, missed deadlines, poor performance, health issues (which may lead to higher health insurance premiums) and attrition.

Still not convinced commuter stress should concern you? Consider the findings from a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management. Among employees surveyed, “29 percent would quit for matters of convenience – for example, if their commute was too long or they didn’t like the area where the company was located; 17 percent said they have quit a job for this reason.”

So, what can you do to minimize the effects of commuter stress among your employees?*

Join King County Metro, City of Tukwila, City of Renton, Commute Seattle, ORCA and Sound Transit to explore how your business can support employee commutes. Enjoy lunch while we discuss and provide resources on:

  • ORCA/Transit subsidy and pre-tax options for your company
  • Vanpool and Rideshare options
  • Via to Transit, a new on-demand service for Tukwila and South Seattle
  • Future for Transportation in South King County

The event is Wednesday, May 15 from 12pm to 1pm at the Sullivan Center at Tukwila Village.

Space is limited, please RSVP to guarantee a seat! Lunch and other resources will be provided to all attendees.

*Read more here about how Commuter Stress May be Killing your employees Productivity.