Mayor, Armondo Pavone and the Renton Chamber of Commerce are teaming up with a local entrepreneur to ask for your help to save businesses facing closure.  The Renton Stronger Together Project was created to raise funds to help provide much needed assistance to small businesses in Renton who have otherwise fallen through the cracks of federal and local funding sources.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the Renton community, and now it’s the time to chip in,” said Mayor Pavone.

Utilizing the Chip-In platform, residents can donate to the fund that will be used to create a grant to support small businesses.  The goal of the fundraiser is $500,000.

Now is the time for all of us to Chip-in a little to help out a lot. Chip-in to support our neighbors in need. Chip-in to help a business pay their rent, keep their employees, continue their business and operations as we all work together to get through the impacts of covid. Chip-in to help businesses transition in new approach, provide a safe environment, support their endeavors the way these businesses have supported us over the years – with our community events, our fundraisers, employing our kids, supporting our neighbors, providing us a safe space to be — providing that intangible feel of “commUNITY” that Renton is known for.