In this month’s Artist Spotlight, we’re thrilled to introduce the visionary artist behind Crea Makerspace and the driving force behind our exciting new endeavor. Tony Nowell, with a decade of experience in remote and scalable systems, is taking a courageous leap into uncharted territory.

Tony’s journey is an inspiring shift from the remote and distributed work landscape to a deep dive into our local community. He’s embracing in-person relationships and the creation of hard-to-scale content and physical creations. Despite encouragement, thoughtful feedback, and even some assertions of “craziness,” Tony’s resolve remains steadfast.

Tony is charting a course that focuses on fostering local community connections, hands-on relationships, and the art of crafting tangible content.

Exciting News: Introducing the Renton Made Program at CREA Makerspace! 🎨🛠️

CREA Makerspace, in partnership with the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, is proud to introduce the brand-new Renton Made Program.

This program opens doors to boundless creative possibilities, providing a unique opportunity for artists and makers to unleash their talents in the heart of our vibrant city. With state-of-the-art tools and a supportive community at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can create.

The Renton Made program, sponsored by the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, offers a unique opportunity for 10 selected artists. It provides a three-month Maker Membership at Crea Makerspace, granting unlimited access to a wide array of tools, including a woodshop, CNC router, laser cutter, 3D printer, t-shirt making equipment, and more. Each participant will also receive a $150 project materials budget to ignite their creative sparks and promote the vibrancy of Renton and Renton Arts.

In addition to comprehensive woodshop training, participants can choose one extra class from our offerings, allowing them to harness the full potential of our makerspace resources.

This program encourages artists to use their newfound skills and resources to complete at least one project that champions Renton and its thriving arts scene. While touring the makerspace isn’t mandatory, it’s a fantastic way to become acquainted with the incredible tools and equipment at your disposal.

Applications for the Renton Made program are due by September 30, 2023. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be part of a local creative journey and bring your artistic visions to life within our supportive community. We look forward to crafting something extraordinary together!

Click here to apply!