Renton has been featured in an article by Crosscut, the Pacific Northwest’s independent, reader-supported, nonprofit news site. 

The article mentions Law and his efforts to go above and beyond for the City’s inclusion and diversity efforts. The mayor strives to provide excellent service for all Renton citizens and is reflecting the growth and expansion that Renton has experienced through the past 10 years.

“Law is a successful businessman and has a businessman’s sense of practicality. He had campaigned for the job to improve services and efficiencies in a community he loved, and, as he saw it, the rapidly changing demographic of his population was what he had to work with, so he tapped into it as a necessary ingredient and an asset.


“We’re not all the same, but government is for everybody,” Law said. “And we should try to create an environment where people feel safe and engaged and welcomed. The question was: How do we do this effectively, and not just to say we’re doing it so therefore we’re good people?”

Creating this change is a team effort.

Benita Horn, the City of Renton’s equity consultant, and Preeti Shridhar, the Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, are leaders in the changes happening with diversity in Renton. They both guide the Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force, which is listed as a main driving force that is creating and encouraging this positive change. The Inclusion Task Force is a group comprised of diverse citizens of Renton that are able to speak about their needs in this majority-minority city.

Currently, the city of Renton is listed as the 20th most diverse city in America.

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